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MUFF Blog: The Work You’re Not Doing at Your Diverse Workplace



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Thanks for following our #proudlyasiancanadian series. Post using the hashtag to share your story! . “As a teenager, I was grateful that all the white people around me treated me just like them, only with funny, ‘exotic’ quirks. I strived to be a model minority like Lane Kim in Gilmore Girls: the Asian sidekick who is always making everyone laugh, but is also a perfect shoulder to lean on when times get tough. I would always reassure myself that the nicknames I’d get called – Dumpling, China, and Banana (a classic choice) – meant everyone was laughing with me, not at me. Making myself the butt of every joke was the only way I could cope with never feeling understood. I moved to Toronto and finally came to accept my own identity as a queer Asian woman. I feel so privileged to live in a city where there are so many of us queer Asians, each so unique, tender, and resilient. Some of us love bouldering, astrology, and playing in punk bands. Some of us are playwrights, accountants, poets, chefs, illustrators, nurses, DJs, politicians, activists, and filmmakers like myself. We share coming out stories over dim sum and talk the latest queer fashion trends over bubble tea. It’s only by seeing all of us reclaim our identities, and thrive together as Chosen Family, that I’ve been able to finally say I am proudly Asian Canadian.” . — Carolyn Wu is a cis queer Chinese Canadian filmmaker and organizer for the queer and trans BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) film community of Toronto. Photo by Calanit Kaplan (@knitframe). . #asianheritagemonth

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TheGate.ca: Seven Canadian filmmakers discuss #MeToo and the Canadian film industry


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May 27 BIPOC TV & Film #AsianHeritageMonth Spotlight on: Cis queer Chinese-Canadian Writer/Director/Producer Carolyn Wu @carolynjwu
. Projects you've loved working on: Co-directing my first short film “In My Mother’s Closet”, a musical comedy-drama centering a trans WOC + the rebrand of @cbcq with @shadkmusic in 2015 . Currently working on: Writing my coming-of-age feature film about a queer Asian teen who plays semi-pro women’s hockey in a very white suburban Canadian town (think “#BenditLikeBeckham" but gay and hockey) + Producing @theceremonyfilm, an #Indigenous Futurist short film with @cinema.politica Documentary Futurism program / OAC . What does being Asian in the industry mean to you: Being Asian and queer in this industry means telling stories that centre all sides of my identity. It means carving out a space for those of us women/trans/non-binary BIPOC behind the camera who never stop struggling to be taken seriously – by producers, broadcasters, distributors, festivals, even rental houses. It means recognizing my own privilege as a cis East Asian woman, looking for ways to make room for more Black, Indigenous and trans stories, and making film less intimidating for marginalized folks. Finally, it means never looking at the latest, trendiest example of diversity and thinking we’ve “made it”. . #Dreamproject: * Showrunning or directing a super queer BIPOC version of “Friends” or “Friday Night Lights” with all my super #queer BIPOC film friends at all levels of production! . Favourite way to procrastinate: * Confession: on Facebook reading too many thinkpieces and finding alllllll the queer events . White actor to play you in the ultimate whitewashing role: * Ellen Page because of course . Upcoming project/project you'd like to promote: * @theceremonyfilm! Please follow us on Instagram if you want to support Indigenous Futurism stories. We just shot this short in Grassy Narrows First Nation – what an incredible honour it was!
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