‘In My Mother’s Closet’ explores the intersections of being brown, trans, and a woman. Through song, Adri reconciles the struggle of wanting to belt out her truth while not wanting to risk her relationship with her religious mother. With the support of her best friend, she perseveres.
Adri Almeida: Co-Director, Lead Actor, Writer, Composer – Instagram
Carolyn Wu: Co-Director, Cinematographer, Editor
Dinaly Tran: Producer – Instagram
Inside Out Toronto 2017 – New Visions
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 2017
NSI Online Short Film Festival 2018
Wicked Queer Boston LGBT Film Festival 2018
North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2018
Transforming Cinema Sheffield UK 2018
Trans Fest Stockholm 2018
San Francisco Trans Film Festival 2017
Toronto Short Film Festival 2018 – Award Winner
Canada Shorts Film Festival 2017 – Award of Distinction
Trans Film Fest 2018 – Toronto
Reelout Kingston 2018
Reel Pride Winnipeg 2017
Rainbow Reels Kitchener-Waterloo 2017
MUFFSociety’s MiniMuff Toronto 2017
Cinemuskoka 2017
This film can also be used as an educational tool on the intersections of religion, race, and trans identities. Please contact for screening inquiries.

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