Carolyn Wu (she/they) is a queer 2nd-gen Hong Kong-Canadian writer, director, producer,  community organizer, and settler working in Tkaronto. She led CBC’s TV show “Q” through a total re-branding as Acting Senior Producer. Her film “In My Mother’s Closet” has screened at NSI Online Short Film Festival, Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Wicked Queer: Boston LGBT Film Festival, and a number of LGBTQ festivals worldwide. She won Breakthroughs Film Festival’s Emerging Filmmaker Pitch 2019. In her films, she explores intimacy, gender, and power dynamics within queer & familial relationships. When she’s not writing, directing, or drinking bbt, she seeks new ways to champion her communities’ voices, and build space for queer/trans BIPOC filmmakers to create and thrive.

Land Acknowledgement
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