Carolyn Wu (she/they) is a queer gender non-conforming settler working in Tkaronto of the Hong Kong diaspora. She is a writer, director, producer, editor, community organizer. She led CBC’s national television show “Q” through a total rebranding as Acting Senior Producer. Her film “In My Mother’s Closet”, co-directed with Adri Almeida, has screened internationally at NSI Online Short Film Festival, Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Wicked Queer: Boston LGBT Film Festival, among others. Her short film “Jo” has 2 million views on YouTube. She won Breakthroughs Film Festival’s Emerging Filmmaker Pitch 2019. She also started and co-organizes Colour Theory, an event that celebrates short films of all sizes, genres, and budgets made exclusively by Black, Indigenous, or people of colour filmmakers who identify as 2SLGBTQ (2SQTBIPOC). In all her work she strives to empower the voices of everyone involved at every level, disrupt film industry, and build space for 2s/queer/trans BIPOC filmmakers to heal, create, and thrive.

Land Acknowledgement
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