Why I Run Community Events

Filmmaking is gruelling. As people with marginalized identities (non cis het white men), it’s not at all difficult to feel like this industry was simply not made for us. So why are we even throwing ourselves at this art form? Where is our support? Who cares about our art?

I made a film (In My Mother’s Closet) with some amazing people (Adri Almeida, Dinaly Tran) – and we wanted to have a family/friends screening, as you do. But because we are queers, who is more important to us than our own 2SLGBTQ Black/Indigenous/POC community? I figured, why not celebrate the works of other young, new filmmakers like us and show our films to our own community at the same time? The big surprise was that people actually had fun! So many folks want to gather in friendly, low-key, non-festival environments that are accessible (PWYC). And! They love our content! They do care about our art! We just don’t always know how to get it to them. I’m just trying to bridge that gap, and give ourselves a reason to keep doing what we do.

At the same time, it’s critical to have people by your side who understand anti-oppression practices and what it’s like to have marginalized identities. These are people we need to brainstorm with, share coffee/beer/nachos/dumplings with, stay up writing til 2am with, and who are willing to get up at the crack of dawn to help us on set. Filmmaking doesn’t have to be so lonely all the time. It’s really important to me that all the amazing filmmakers I know meet each other and foster an environment that is not based on shaming, white feminism, or what the newest Sony camera is. Let’s help each other! If you identify as 2SLGBTQ and/or BIPOC please hit me up and let’s make films together!