All of the Films! – Queer/Trans BIPOC Shorts Night Feb 2018

The purpose of this event is to celebrate the work of the relentlessly hardworking 2slgbtq+ BIPOC filmmakers of our community here in the Greater Toronto Area. All of these films feature queer/trans BIPOC in major roles in front of and/or behind the camera.

“Twisted Machine”  Proof-of-Concept Trailer by Carolyn Wu Instagram + Website 
A Chinese-Canadian lesbian teenager captains her hockey team against the will of her mother, while dating her powerhouse jock of a teammate in secrecy.


“Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by Derek DesiertoWebsite

“Cab Ride” by Farrah KhanWebsite
A love letter to an estranged father in the hope of return.

“Elastic Band” by Alice Charlie LiuWebsite

“Samalaingik” by En Tze LohWebsite + Instagram + Grrrl Spells

“Maybe if it were a nice room” by Alicia K. HarrisWebsite
An incident between two people is examined through the exploration of rooms.

“Rimanakuna” by Samay Cajas
A group of women, ashamed they do not know their Indigenous language, attempt to learn Kichwa. The process proves frustrating but in the end is rewarding.


“Banana for Scale” by Khanh TudoInstagram

“Village” by Alex Tse & Matt KnarrWebsite

A short, wordless look at the feeling of Toronto’s gay village on a weeknight.

“Process” by Thoko MasikiniInstagram

“Work” by Claire Allore
Two sex workers in Toronto share experiences relating to race, gender, and emotional labour in their work.


“LUV” by Dubbee Ave & BrownGuyMadeIt –  Instagram

“Flicker” by Lori SiInstagram

“Swim Low” by Amanda Ann-Min Wong & Ryan NesbittAmanda’s Website + Ryan’s Website + Amanda’s Instagram + Ryan’s Instagram
Alison loves to swim and can venture into the afterlife by holding her breath under water. There, she enters a world where she can be with her mother. When her nanny Hua suffers a heart attack, Alison dives too deep for too long, searching for what she had never known to appreciate.

“Jo” by Carolyn WuInstagram + Website

When two best friends have to say goodbye, one of them is forced to confront her fear of the truth.
Soon to be released on YouTube!


“Herat in my Head in my Heart” by Weeda Azim
A long-distance telephone call from Canada to Afghanistan remedies misplaced cultural nostalgia and soothes the pain of war.


“In Moment” by Samay Cajas
As the world suffocates in its own self destruction, the Spirit Callers pray to the Four Directions for help. The struggle of generations past, present, and future are about to come to a close, but are our minds, hearts, and spirits open enough to hear the call?


“Erin’s Guide to Kissing Girls” by Julianna NottenInstagram
Erin, a spunky twelve year-old attempts to woo the coolest girl in school with the help of her best friend, Liz.

Crystal Root & Conjure – Instagram + Website
Grrrl Spells – Instagram + Website
Something Nice Supply – Instagram + Website
Thomarya ‘Tee’ Fergus  – Instagram + Website