Black Lives Matter Toronto: BlackOUT Against Police Brutality

Camera, Editor

From Facebook event page:
Sparked by the SIU’s decision not to indict the officer who killed Andrew Loku, #BLMTOtentcity is resisting anti-Black violence from the City and the Province. #BLMTOtentcity draws our attention to the ways that Black lives are dispensable to Toronto Police Services, the inefficiencies of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), the uselessness of the carding regulations, and all the ways that our Black people continue to face violence in our communities. We have all watched with increasing dismay and concern the treatment of Black Lives Matter- Toronto protesters and allies by Toronto Police Services. On the evening of March 21st, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Toronto police circled and ambushed peaceful protestors. Children, young women and men, trans people, disabled people and their friends were shoved, punched, and pushed on to the ground. Their materials were broken, tents and personal belongings were taken, and a barrel of fire to keep them warm was extinguished with an unknown toxic waste. The unprovoked police action on peaceful protesters raising their concerns about Anti-Black violence is an affront to our civil liberties and freedoms.